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The global helper to inspect a value or the entire state of the template. The helper method can pretty print the following JavaScript primitives.

a: 1,
b: [3, 4, undefined, null],
c: undefined,
d: null,
e: {
regex: /^x/i,
buf: Buffer.from('abc'),
holes: holes
balance: BigInt(100),
id: Symbol('1234'),
scores: new Set([1, 2, 3]),
classes: new Map([['english', '1st'], ['maths', '2nd']]),
currentScores: new WeakSet([[1, 2, 3]]),
currentClasses: new WeakMap([[['english', '1st'], ['maths', '2nd']]]),
now: new Date()


You can inspect the state of the entire view using the state variable.