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Welcome to AdonisJS!

This is the official documentation website for the framework. We have divided the documentation into multiple groups, each trying to address a specific use case or audience.

Please read the AdonisJS at a glance document if you are unsure whether AdonisJS will fit your needs or match the programming style.

Visual learner? - Checkout the Let's Learn AdonisJS free screencasts series from our friends at Adocasts.

TypeScript usage

AdonisJS is a backend framework for Node.js. The framework is written in TypeScript, and the application you will create using AdonisJS is also going to be in TypeScript.

We are very particular about how we leverage TypeScript and maintain a good balance between the static type safety and the visual noise.

If you have never used TypeScript, we recommend learning the basics of the language first and then using AdonisJS.

Familiarity with Node.js

We also expect you to be familiar with the Node.js ecosystem and asynchronous programming in general. Suppose you are coming from a threaded language like PHP or Ruby. In that case, we recommend educating yourself with the Node.js event loop and understand how it is different from a threaded environment.



The technical guides are the in-depth documentation of the framework and cover every single topic and feature of the framework.

The guides also have documentation for the official packages of AdonisJS, i.e., Lucid ORM, template engine, Redis, and so on.


Modules with larger API surfaces like Database and Validator are also documented inside the reference guides.

Fitting all the validation rules, the database query builder methods within guides will overcrowd them, and hence they are moved to the reference guides.


Cookbooks are actionable guides to help you achieve a practical task. Also, feel free to contribute to cookbooks by sending a PR.

How to ask for help?

At AdonisJS we have a friendly and helpful community always eager to help each other. You can join our Discord channel , or use Github Discussions when seeking help.

We also encourage you to help others whenever possible 💗


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Who maintains AdonisJS?

AdonisJS is primarily maintained by Harminder Virk (the creator and the lead maintainer of the framework) along with the help of the following core team members.

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