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Edge provides a couple of options to debug the templates. The simplest one is the inspect global helper. This method pretty prints any value you provide to it and the other one is the @debugger tag.

The inspect helper

The inspect helper pretty prints the value in the same output. You can think of this method as Node.js util.inspect, but instead it output HTML vs writing the output to the console.

{{ inspect({
a: 1,
b: [3, 4, undefined, null],
c: undefined,
d: null,
e: {
regex: /^x/i,
buf: Buffer.from('abc'),
holes: holes
balance: BigInt(100),
id: Symbol('1234'),
scores: new Set([1, 2, 3]),
classes: new Map([['english', '1st'], ['maths', '2nd']]),
currentScores: new WeakSet([[1, 2, 3]]),
currentClasses: new WeakMap([[['english', '1st'], ['maths', '2nd']]]),
now: new Date()
}) }}


The @debugger tag

The @debugger tag drops a debugger break point inside the compiled JavaScript code and you can debug the output function using the standard Node.js debugging methods

Just drop the @debugger in the position where you want the debugger to pause.

<p> Hello {{ user.username }} </p>

Run the Node server with the --inspect flag and use Chrome to debug.

node ace serve --watch --node-args="--inspect"